About AES

At Even Strength is a website dedicated to the coverage of women’s hockey, particularly at the NCAA Division I and international levels. AES aims to provide regular reporting on and in-depth analysis of women’s hockey. In doing so, AES hopes to help close the gap in coverage between men’s and women’s hockey, and to play a small part in promoting the sport.

Gabriella Fundaro is pursuing a degree in Communication at the University of North Dakota. She previously covered women’s hockey for The Hockey Writers from September 2012 to December 2014, and she is also currently a media relations intern with the UND Athletics Department. She hopes to one day work within women’s hockey in some capacity to help grow the sport.

Kyle Rossi is a Penn State alumnus and formerly the author of Thank You Terry, a blog covering PSU’s men’s and women’s hockey, from 2010 until 2013. Since 2012, he has volunteered for Penn State’s women’s club team, helping the organization’s digital presence and public relations. When not involved with hockey, his hobbies include working on master’s degrees.

Full credit for the AES logo design goes to Michelle Karvinen, of Nenvi Design.

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